Knowledgeable Macomb County Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Rely On

When you have been injured in an accident you need a personal injury lawyer you can trust. You have enough to worry about without having to deal with insurance companies and people who do not have your best interest in mind. Douglas Dovitz can help.

The days and weeks following an accident are likely some of the scariest and most stressful of your life. Not only are you in physical pain, but you are likely dealing with a legal situation at the same time.

Not to mention the medical bills piling up.

That is where Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C. comes in. He is able to help you protect yourself and focus on what is most important during this difficult time while he handles the legal issues.

He will not brush aside your accident or allow someone who is not qualified to do so tell you what you will and will not receive after an accident. He is an auto accident lawyer who will fight for your rights and assist you through the review of your insurance coverage all the way to determining fair compensation and ensuring that is what you receive.

Do not panic in the face of an auto accident in St. Clair Shores, Eastpointe, Roseville, & surrounding Michigan areas. Just remember that Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C. is on your side. Call 586-773-0911 to schedule a free, no recovery, and no fee consultation.

No-Nonsense Macomb County Personal Injury Lawyer Will Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Working with an experienced Macomb County lawyer is essential if you want to be treated fairly after you have been injured. A lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company and make sure you receive a fair settlement. If necessary, a lawyer can take the case to court and get you what you deserve through litigation.

Insurance companies do not take injured victims seriously. You could represent yourself, but why would you want to. Let Douglas Dovitz help you get the compensation you deserve after you have been injured in an accident.

Finding an experienced attorney who understands how important it is to be compensated for your injuries is the smartest thing you can do following an accident. Douglas Dovitz can help.

Contact a Macomb County, MI Personal Injury Attorney If You Have Been Injured

With Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C., the focus is always on what is best for you as the injured party. We provide you with custom-tailored legal services designed to help you resolve your personal injury case in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible.

In many cases, the courtroom is not the best place to get the settlement you deserve. Out-of-court negotiations are more efficient and can resolve your case in a timelier manner, but they still require negotiation. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney ensures you are treated fairly whether your case settles or goes to trial.

Douglas has more than three decades of experience as a personal injury lawyer and is able to assess and meet your needs and goals. For more information, or to discuss your personal injury case with Douglas, contact him at 586.773.0911.

Macomb County, MI Personal Injury Attorney