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Aggressive Personal Injury Attorney Detroit Gets You the Compensation You Deserve

The days, weeks, and months that follow an accident can be some of the most difficult of your life. In addition to dealing with your own health and recovering from your injuries, you are also faced with insurance issues, doctors’ bills, and other hassles. And when you are dealing with these things on your own, the entire experience can be downright overwhelming.

Working with a personal injury attorney in Detroit can help you navigate this difficult time and make the best of a rough situation.

Educated Personal Injury Attorney Detroit Knows How to Deal with Insurance Companies

There are several ways a personal injury attorney can help you after you have been involved in an accident that caused injuries.

Personal injury attorneys know what cases are worth and are able to give you a clear explanation of what you can expect.

In most cases, accident victims have no idea how much they could get by filing a personal injury claim. And in just as many cases, they have been misled by commercials and other information. It is important that you have an understanding of what you should expect based on the specific details of your case.

Your attorney will analyze your injuries, assess your pain and suffering, estimate your future medical needs, and factor in whatever strategy the insurance company is using to deal with your case. This way you will know in advance what you can expect as you move forward with your decision to settle your case or pursue litigation.

Your personal injury attorney will also understand the legal process. They know what legal documents to file and when, how to properly complete forms, and how to work within all applicable statutes of limitations.

They are keenly aware of how the insurance companies try to take advantage of you and use legal technicalities against you, and they will be there to make sure you do not suffer because of the games they play.

It is possible you can handle a personal injury claim on your own, but with all else you have to worry about, why would you want to?

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Detroit for Help with Your Case

Doug is a sole practitioner and works personally with each client. He does not bounce clients between other attorneys at his firm or fail to return phone calls. He understands that the legal process, while familiar to him, is an unknown to many clients, which can be frightening. This is especially true when you have been injured and you feel as if you are being targeted by insurance companies.

Doug’s goal is to put clients at ease and give them time to focus on their recovery while he deals with the insurance, financial, and other legal matters, that are, unfortunately, such a major component of personal injury cases.

Douglas has dedicated his career to helping people receive the compensation they deserve in personal injury cases.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Douglas to discuss your case, contact him at 586-773-0911.