Personal Injury Help Is a Phone Call Away

Rely on Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C. in St. Clair Shores, Eastpointe, & Roseville, MI

Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C. has dedicated his career to helping people receive the compensation they deserve in personal injury cases. Since 1980, Mr. Dovitz has been licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan, which has allowed him to learn the law inside and out. From workers’ compensation to auto accident law, Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C. works from start to finish to provide excellent personal injury representation.

When you partner with Douglas S. Dovitz, P.C. you are getting a personal injury attorney that will work with you every step of the way! It is important that if you have a personal injury case that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your claim. There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney including:

  • Navigate the personal injury claim process (For example meeting deadlines and timelines)
  • They have specialized knowledge
  • Personal injury attorneys know what components are needed to build you a solid case

If you aren’t sure if Mr. Dovitz can help with your personal injury case, give him a call. If he can’t assist you with your problem, he will happily refer you to another personal injury attorney and make sure you receive professional legal aid!